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Welcome to the blog for Advice and Opinions From the Internet.

I love the internet. I also love editing. And advice. And hearing people's opinions. So I thought I'd combine them into a book, or perhaps even a series of books. These books will have advice and opinions from people on the internet - that means you.

Advice and Opinions From The Internet will sometimes have good advice, and sometimes the advice will make you want to scream with frustration. That's part of the fun of asking people on the internet for advice!

Here's how it will work: I will post up a question or a topic. Sometimes it will be specific, sometimes broad. If you have an opinion or a piece of advice, please email me, telling me which question you are answering, and give your answer. You may answer posts of any age- if you find a good post from 6 months ago, that is fine, please do answer it!

Please also include: your name or alias, if you would like to be credited in the book, your age, gender and location. These might not always be used but it could be very useful later on. I will take all replies on the blog and via email as permission to use your post in the book.

Every week or so, I'll pick the best replies I received during the week, and share them with the readers on the blog. When I do this, I will also give a link to your blog or website if you want to share it with me in your reply. This is some free promotion and recognition for you!

I'd like people to be completely honest with their advice- you do not need to try and give me 'what I want'. If you want to give tough love, that's up to you, for example.

Replies that are blatantly offensive or trolling will not be included, and replies will be edited for grammar and spelling. Other than that, almost everything goes and you do not need to be an 'expert' to reply. Don't be scared! This is a great way to interact with the world. Obviously I cannot yet promise that this project will go ahead, but the more people reply the more likely it is that it will.

If you have a topic that you feel would go well in an advice book, or an issue you're having trouble with lately that you'd like to see me address, please reply on this entry, or email me with the details.

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