Saturday, February 6, 2010


I need different backgrounds of people to help me out with this, so if you know of anyone who wouldn't mind giving some pieces of advice, pass the link on!

I'm trying to collate a book where there are many different pieces of advice from people online- all sorts of different people.

If you reply here with a piece of advice, I'll take it as permission to let me put it in my book.

I'm currently looking at the topic of "Friendship"

Can you give me some pieces of advice on this topic? Reply here, or email me at

I'm not looking for quotes from famous people, but your own personal advice. It can be about any aspect of friendship or love (and it doesn't have to be romantic love, it could be love for your friends or family or pets).

Obvious trolling will be ignored, but pretty much anything else goes. I'll just edit for grammar and spelling.

Can you also please 'sign' your quote with what you'd like to be credited with in the book? Also please give me your age, gender and location.

If you give me a piece of advice I really like, I might post it up on my blog (linked in the websites section of the forum. I'm not including it here because I don't want to be seen as spamming). So tell me your blog link as well.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Advice on Sex

Thanks to you, I've got 21 pages of pieces of advice now, on Love, Sex and Friendship. Keep it coming!

Here's what people have had to say about sex.

nigatsubebe says:

Casual sex is not shameful. People have desires. Deal with it. So long as each person considers the pros and cons before doing it, and takes precautions that they feel necessary, and take responsibility for whatever is after that, then fine.

mathaowny says: Never trust a woman for that matter either. If she says she's on the pill...still wear a condom! I've known a few predator-type women that have claimed the same only to surprise the guy later with "Here's your kid!"

Anon says: Savour every moment and give back what you receive.

celebratetheodd says: Oh, and have sex in every room of your house... that should be a rule!

I've got many more, these are just the ones that caught my eye.

Have you got a piece of advice on sex? Email me or comment on the blog, right now!

My address:

Anything sent to me may be published, and by emailing it or commenting on the blog, you are giving me permission to use it. Don't forget to tell me which name to credit you by!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advice On Love 2

I've been sent some really great pieces of advice on Love, so I wanted to share some more of them.

Anon Says: If you hear someone tell you “If he loves you, he’ll [insert nice gesture here]” and he doesn’t do that for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you. Look at what else he does and says before getting worried or expecting him to do a list of romantic gestures other people enjoy. ‘If he loves you then he’ll do…’ is usually a logical fallacy implying that if he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t love you. ‘If he does [such and such] it means he probably loves you’ is much more accurate. But it also leaves it open for him to find his own expressions of love.

KarenElizDesigns says: Love is both sides of everything: the positive and the negative. It is contradictory, and confusing, and sometimes even cruel -- but it is still beautiful, and always worth striving for.

Anon Says:

If you find it annoying to have to ‘reassure’ your girlfriend or wife that you love her and find her pretty and that you’re happy to be with her, when you only said that she was lovely two weeks ago, perhaps you should rethink that. Say it without her needing to ask you for it, and do it often. Even if you think it’s silly she needs it said. Just do it.

ScathinglyBrilliant says: Relationships are not 'one size fits all'. Create your own life together.

There's been a lot more too. Keep them coming! Email me at

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have a twitter. :)

Quite appropriate for someone asking for advice from the internet, right? But I'll still ask people to email or comment with their pieces of advice/opinions, rather than tweeting them to me, it makes it a lot easier to manage.
I'll be tweeting some of the pieces of advice I'm given, networking, and finding people interested in giving advice. I'll also be sharing publication details and editing adventures, when I get there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My second topic: Sex

Yeah, I just jump right in there don't I.

I'm looking for advice, or opinions about sex. The getting of it, the doing of it, the meaning of it, things you should do/shouldn't do, that sort of thing. I'll not be publishing things that are too similar to what I've already got.

And remember- you can still email me about the topic of Love.

Like before, the length of your reply does not matter.

Don't forget to tell me your name/alias that you'd like to be credited with (leaving it blank will mean I'll just leave you as anonymous, which is also your choice), your age and location if you'd like to share those.

If you'd like to be credited with a website if your response is featured on the blog (this is not for the book), please include that as well.

You may reply as many times as you like, but each reply must be self contained.

You may email me at
or reply here (it will be screened from view) with your advice or opinion to do with Sex.

Each reply given is a donation to my book.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Advice On Love

I thought I'd post it now rather than wait for a week. I'll post twice or more.

Plantress says: for unromantic love, I always think of bacon....and then maybe later I think about my dogs

barflybling says: A few years ago I was unemployed and had a lot of time on my hands. I wasn't dating anyone and frankly didn't have a whole lot going on in general. One morning my brain said "I love ____." And I said "What? You love what?" And my brain said "I love ____." I realized that I was having that loving feeling without any person or object as the source. I was just feeling the emotion love. I was familiar with the idea that you are the source of your own happiness, but I had never thought about it in terms of love (all emotions for that matter). It was an incredibly liberating observation and I'm very grateful for it.

Abbeyroadbeads says: Love includes always kissing goodnight after the argument. You may still be furious, but you are assuring that person that he is more important than the argument.

MirthfulMary says: A "perfect" relationship is when two people can sit and talk about anything. They can disagree on occasion, but basically they dream in the same direction. Two people who love each other talk to each other every day about everything. Sharing problems at work, dreams for the future, everyday issues, solving world problems, everything! And when you are truly in love you'd do anything for the other person. You don't want anything to happen to them so you'd give your own life to save theirs - without even thinking about it. You'd even bust a boil on their butt if they needed it! lol.

Meghan Ryan says: American television does not make a good basis of the normalities of relationships.

Anon says: Clubs are never the place to meet classy ladies.

Rochelle Says: True Love doesn’t need to include fireworks, constant swooning, thinking of them and never of anything else, angst, or whirlwinds. Many people have passed over people they are honestly in love with, just because they’re not obsessed.

These are just some of the many comments I've been sent so far. Please, continue to send me pieces of advice on Love! Thanks so much!
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