Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advice On Love 2

I've been sent some really great pieces of advice on Love, so I wanted to share some more of them.

Anon Says: If you hear someone tell you “If he loves you, he’ll [insert nice gesture here]” and he doesn’t do that for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you. Look at what else he does and says before getting worried or expecting him to do a list of romantic gestures other people enjoy. ‘If he loves you then he’ll do…’ is usually a logical fallacy implying that if he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t love you. ‘If he does [such and such] it means he probably loves you’ is much more accurate. But it also leaves it open for him to find his own expressions of love.

KarenElizDesigns says: Love is both sides of everything: the positive and the negative. It is contradictory, and confusing, and sometimes even cruel -- but it is still beautiful, and always worth striving for.

Anon Says:

If you find it annoying to have to ‘reassure’ your girlfriend or wife that you love her and find her pretty and that you’re happy to be with her, when you only said that she was lovely two weeks ago, perhaps you should rethink that. Say it without her needing to ask you for it, and do it often. Even if you think it’s silly she needs it said. Just do it.

ScathinglyBrilliant says: Relationships are not 'one size fits all'. Create your own life together.

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