Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My second topic: Sex

Yeah, I just jump right in there don't I.

I'm looking for advice, or opinions about sex. The getting of it, the doing of it, the meaning of it, things you should do/shouldn't do, that sort of thing. I'll not be publishing things that are too similar to what I've already got.

And remember- you can still email me about the topic of Love.

Like before, the length of your reply does not matter.

Don't forget to tell me your name/alias that you'd like to be credited with (leaving it blank will mean I'll just leave you as anonymous, which is also your choice), your age and location if you'd like to share those.

If you'd like to be credited with a website if your response is featured on the blog (this is not for the book), please include that as well.

You may reply as many times as you like, but each reply must be self contained.

You may email me at adviceandopinionsfromtheinternet@yahoo.com.au
or reply here (it will be screened from view) with your advice or opinion to do with Sex.

Each reply given is a donation to my book.

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